TIDR - Threat Intelligence & Digital Risk protection

Brand Protection

Cyber criminals use fake accounts to steal and pretend to be someone else. With our Dark Web monitoring platform, we will know live when your brand has been used by someone with illegal attention.

Executive Protection

Public employees, VIPs, and executives' risk of getting their reputation destroyed if their social media account gets compromised. We have seen prominent individuals having their twitter account compromised, which resulted in reputations damage and economic loss. Our state-of-the-art Dark Web monitoring system might detect vulnerabilities and threats before they happ

Fraud Prevention

The risk of fraud poses a real threat to every company and business regardless of its size or location. Understanding current financial fraud tactics is one of the best ways for banks to prevent and detect attacks. Our system monitors and analyses the “hidden internet,” which includes the deep and dark webs, contains thousands of sites either selling financial data and fraud services or discussing financial fraud strategies.

Key Roles
Threat Intelligence

It is a well-known yet often overlooked fact that only 4% of the internet is accessible through standard search engines like Google or Bing. The remaining 96%, known as the "hidden internet" or "deep web," remains under the radar of everyday users. This vast segment of the Cyber world, accessible through networks like TOR, VPN, and I2P, is a breeding ground for sophisticated Cyber threats, many of which can undermine the very fabric of companies.

Advanced Detection Systems:

Our tools scan through layers of the deep and dark web to identify potential threats. This includes looking for mentions of company names, insider information, or planned attacks relevant to your industry.

Threat Intelligence:

By gathering and analyzing data from the hidden internet, we provide actionable intelligence. Knowing about a threat beforehand can be the difference between a proactive block and a reactive scramble to mitigate damage.

Real-Time Alerts:

When potential threats are identified, our system sends real-time alerts, allowing for swift action to prevent or mitigate attacks.

Comprehensive Reporting:

We provide detailed reports on potential security threats, giving you not only warnings but also insights into the type of threats and the methods used by Cyber criminals. This helps in understanding the security landscape and strengthening defenses accordingly.