Dedicated SOC

Dedicated SOC

GaliaIT's dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) works as as a seamlessly integrated component of your organization. Operating around the clock, 365 days a year, the team is exclusively committed to you under a non-disclosure agreement. You tailor the team with the exact skills and expertise needed by your organization, ensuring you have the right talent “in-house”.

Expanding Responsibilities

As part of our service, we acknowledge the significance of not only security but also guaranteeing the availability, performance, and reliability of the IT environment.
The SOC can evolve into a more proactive role, expanding into a Network Operations Center (NOC).

A dedicated SOC grows with you and your needs

A flexible and scalable team dedicated to your organization means we can easily adapt to changes in workload, priorities, and business conditions.
A dedicated team consists of permanent team members who work exclusively for your organization, leading to a deeper understanding of your business, goals, and requirements.
Tailored Expertise:
You can build a team with the exact skills and expertise needed by your organization, ensuring you have the right talent “in-house”.
Team members are committed to your organization's long-term success as they are part of your team and share your goals and values.
Communication become seamless in a dedicated team setup, as we work closely together, reducing misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Key benefits with a dedicated SOC

While maintaining a dedicated SOC team is an investment, it often proves to be a more cost-effective choice compared to a shared SOC team as customizations are typically needed and costly and the proactive prevention and early detection of incidents can lead to substantial cost savings for an organization.
Customized Security:
security measures are tailored to the specific needs and risks of your organization. This means that security protocols and tools are aligned with your unique IT environment and processes.
Compliance and Reporting:
Ensuring your organization's security requirements are fulfilled, and promptly reporting security incidents according to existing frameworks and processes.
Rapid Incident Response:
When a security incident occurs, having a dedicated SOC team ensure quick and effective response. We work as an integrated part of your existing incident response procedures, removing any overhead typically associated with shared SOC teams.
While we possess expertise in and provide training on standard endpoint protection solutions such as Cortex from Palo Alto Networks or Microsoft Defender, our approach differs from most shared SOC services. Rather than imposing restrictions, we offer flexibility. The technology stack used by the SOC team is easily expanded to include network monitoring tools, infrastructure management solutions, and performance monitoring platforms. This allows the team to monitor and manage the entire IT ecosystem, functioning as an integrated NOC-SOC.
Continuous Improvement:
We engage in continuous learning and improvement, analyse past incidents and use that information to suggest enhancements to your security measures.