Shared OT SOC


Why is a SOC for OT Important?

In today's complex digital landscape, securing operational technology (OT) is not just necessary; it is critical to maintaining the resilience and reliability of industrial operations.

At the heart of our cyber security services is our shared SOC (Security Operations Center) for OT, which serves as the frontline defense against cyber threats targeting critical infrastructure and industrial control systems.

What Does Our SOC for OT Team Do?

Our SOC for OT team specializes in protecting the systems essential for your company's operational continuity—from manufacturing plants to energy utilities. By continuously monitoring, detecting, and responding to cyber threats, our team ensures that your operational technologies remain secure and resilient against disruptions. The ultimate goal? To safeguard the very backbone of your company's productivity and efficiency.

How Is the Team Organized?

Threat Monitoring Analysts

These professionals are the watchful eyes of our SOC. Using advanced surveillance tools, they monitor network traffic and system logs to identify any unusual activity that could signify a potential threat. Their swift, accurate analysis helps in early detection, preventing issues before they escalate.

Incident Response Coordinators

When a security incident is detected, these team members take the helm. They coordinate the response efforts, ensuring that actions are taken swiftly and effectively to mitigate any impact. This role is crucial in managing the situation to minimize downtime and operational loss.

Vulnerability Assessment Specialists

Focused on proactive defense, these experts conduct regular assessments of your OT environment to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
Their work ensures that your systems are not just defended against known threats but are also fortified against potential future risks.

Compliance Advisors

Ensuring that your operations comply with industry standards and regulations is fundamental. Our compliance advisors are experts in national and international cybersecurity regulations relevant to OT. They continuously work to keep your operations not just secure, but also compliant with legal and regulatory requirements.

Our Commitment to Quality

At our company, we don’t just set up an SOC; we integrate it deeply with your operational needs. Our SOC for OT is structured to deliver just that, with a clear focus on minimizing risks and ensuring a secure, compliant operational framework.

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