We grow with you and your security needs

Galia IT

We help organizations address the growing security challenges with the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats by providing a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) team for a flexible monitoring solution, ensuring the resilience and security of organizations’ digital ecosystems

A robust and efficiently managed security operations center (SOC) plays a crucial role in enhancing the security stance of any business. Nevertheless, establishing and sustaining an efficient in-house SOC can be both expensive and complex.

We offer a dedicated SOC, providing your organization with a team of cybersecurity professionals and analysts working as an integrated part of your organiztion. Our dedicated SOC contributes to an efficient and proactive security, tailored to meet the present and future requirements of your organization

With our dedicated SOC, you get tailored security that adapts to your specific needs and environments, regardless of the technology stack. In today’s digital landscape, OT (Operational Technology) poses a significant cyber risk for many industries and organizations. Managing security in OT environments requires specialized knowledge and experience. A dedicated SOC has the advantage of being able to focus on ensuring both IT and OT environments, reducing the risk of disruptions and loss of productivity

Our dedicated SOC extend beyond just security, as it also contributes to business continuity, regulatory compliance, and cost-efficiency.

Customized Security

GaliaIT SOC team tailor their security measures to the specific needs and risks of your organization.
Security protocols and tools are aligned with your unique IT environment and processes.

Dedicated Team

GaliaIT SOC team works as an integrated part of your organization.
The team is fully allocated to you as a customer under Non-disclosure agreement.

Continuity and Security

With a dedicated SOC, you can go beyond traditional security measures by ensuring business continuity, maintaining regulatory compliance, and establish a transparent cost framework for information security.

GaliaIT SOC – Efficient, Proactive, and Tailored to Your Unique IT Environment.

Do you need monitoring and incident response 24/7 and expertise in standard monitoring tools to build a strong security posture, but not neccessary a dedicated team and customized tooling?

Our entry level SOC provides a flexible and cost-efficient solution. Whether you are a smaller organization or have intermittent and variable needs we will help you to find the best fit for you and your organization.